(Individual portions served with crackers)

Our cheeses change with the seasons, but usually includes:

Bonnet /Scotland/Goat/Semi-hard £4.50 (P/V)

Brie de Meaux /France/Cow/Soft £3.50

Cashel Blue /Ireland/Ewes/Blue £4.50 (P/V)

Comté 28 Months /France/Cow/Hard £4

Garrotxa /Spain/Goat/Semi-hard £5 (P)

Golden Cross / England/Goat/soft £4 (V)

Gorgonzola /Italy/Cow/Blue £3.50 (P)

Aged Gouda (24 months) /Holland/Cow/Hard £5

Langres /France/Cow/Semi-soft £3.50

Lincolnshire Poacher /England/Cow/Hard £3.50

Morbier /France/Cow/Semi-soft £4

Ossau Iraty /France/Ewes/Semi-hard £5.50 (P)

Picos de Europa /Spain/Cow&Goat/Soft £4 (P)

Taleggio /Italy/Cow/Washed-rind soft £3.50 (P)

Tomme de Savoie /France/Cow/Semi-hard £4

Ubriaco /Italy/Cow/Hard £4.50 (P)



(Individual portions served with bread)

Salame Cremonese / Italy £3.50

Speck/ Italy £4.50

Coppa/ Italy £5

Prosciutto di Parma/ Italy £5.50

Peelham Farm Organic Chorizo/ Scotland £5

Peelham Farm Organic Salami with Fennel/ Scotland £5

Chorizo Iberico Bellota / Spain £4.50

East Coast Cured Salami with Garlic & Red wine/ Edinburgh £5.50


Our house selection of cheese, oatcakes, crackers, grapes, chutney
3 Cheese £9.50  /  5 Cheese £15

Our house selection of charcuterie, bread & cornichons £13

A mixed selection of cheese & charcuterie, bread, oatcakes, chutney & cornichons £16


Check out the blackboard for this weeks cheese and wine flights


Olives £3.75

Marcona almonds £3

Bread, oil, aged balsamic OR dukkah £3.50

Torres Potato Chips – Black Truffle/ Olive Oil £2


Baked Camembert, toast, grapes £15 (only during the Autumn/ Winter months)

Grilled Cheddar sourdough sandwich £6/ add Cremonese £7

Majorcan spiced sausage (Sobrasada), toast, honey  £5.50

Graceburn Feta in Olive Oil, Isle of Wight tomatoes, toast, salad leaves £7.50

Ramsay’s ham hock terrine, toast, cornichons £6

Buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, salad leaves, balsamic £7.50

Isle of Wight tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil £6.50

Ramsay’s homemade sausage rolls, chutney £4 (only during the Autumn/ Winter months)


(All Handmade in Edinburgh by Edward & Irwyn)

Real Honey Honeycomb £4.50

Salted Honey Caramels £4.50

Milk Chocolate Shards with Black Salt & Vanilla £4