Edi Cinema Club @ Smith & Gertrude

Edi Cinema Club @ Smith & Gertrude


Let’s. Talk. Film.

Clubs are great. Film is great. So what would be really great? Exactly.

So, here we go - Cinema Club w/ Edi Cinema Club @ Smith & Gertrude!

Whether you’re a cinephile, critic in the making or simply love having a good chat— come & explore everything from heroic classics to modern gems with Isobel of Edi Cinema Club fame on Sunday evenings.

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A bit about Edi Cinema Club…

With first-class degrees in Law & Arts (Film, English & Communication Studies), her former film critic status & wealth of experience working international film festivals spanning Australia & now Scotland, there is no better person to get down & dirty into the cinematic world with then Isobel.  She’s passionate about movies & believes film chats should be unpretentious, inclusive & build new connections amongst the community.

What'll you actually do though? Well each month you’ll head out to watch a different film (on your own steam, collecting your ticket at the cinema) & then we’ll all come together to discuss the good, the bad & the ugly the following week at S&G.

Tickets cost £25 & include:

  • Your cinema ticket to this months film which is the classic ‘Sunset Boulevard’ on Sunday 6th October at 7.30pm at the Cameo Picturehouse (available to be collected at the cinema) before meeting the following Sunday 13th at S&G

  • A couple of glasses of wine to help you whet your whistle throughout the evening

  • Cheese. Yep, lots of cheese & bread to keep the discussion flowing